Monday, 20 February 2017

3 simple steps to find more relevant articles on your topic

Do you struggle to find documents on your topic?
The good news is that if you have just one relevant paper, then you can use that one to find many others.

Take that one interesting paper and check the following:
  • Are there other papers written by that author?
  • Are there interesting papers mentioned in the paper's bibliography?
  • Has this paper been cited by others?
Then, do the same thing for any paper you've found.

This is called the "snowball technique"... and it can lead you to end up with a huge amount of papers!
So always make sure that the new papers you find are actually directly relevant to your topic before you start researching them...

In the video below, you will see in details how to apply this technique, using EBSCOhost databases and Google Scholar.

from Information Skills: all you need to know

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